August 2015 – in Chicago, R2 | Retail Reinvention 2015TM is the premier networking, learning, and experiential summit that sets the strategic direction for retail and payments.

2015 Attendees

2015 Attendees

Join executives and thought leaders from companies like Walmart, McDonalds, Staples and Pinterest at this year’s Retail Reinvention…

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2015 Agenda

This is a unique 2-day experience, designed to help merchants navigate both the current and future wave of disruption across…

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Speaker Alumni

Our event assembles the best and brightest from every corner of the retail and commerce industry – CEO’s, heads of business units, industry visionaries…

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2015 Venue

From Retail, to Tech, to Business & Finance – Chicago has it all and is the perfect destination for R2 | Retail Reinvention 2015TM

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Hundreds of retailers, merchants, tech innovators, and industry visionaries came together to reimagine the relationship between consumers and merchants and redefined what it means to be “next in retail, payments and commerce”.

R2 brought to life the technologies driving innovation and disruption, debated current and future business models, and gave retailers a clear vision into what’s being deployed today, what’s possible, what to avoid, and what to plan for in the next wave of payments and commerce disruption.

R2 | Retail Reinvention 2015TM assembled the best and brightest from every corner of the retail and commerce industry

CEO’s, heads of business units, industry visionaries, academics, and thought leaders all joined for 2+ days of dialogs that will ultimately define the strategic course of retail.
Alexei Agratchev

CEO & Co-founder


Gene Alston

Head of Business Development


Jon Armitage

VP Marketing

Trunk Club

Souheil Badran

President & CEO

edo interactive

Darren Beyer

Head of Platform


Abeer Bhatia


Plenti at American Express

Mike Braatz

SVP, Payments Risk Management

ACI Worldwide

Steve Cheney


Estimote, Inc.

Chris Ciabarra


Revel Systems

Brad Corrion

Platform Architect


Dan Rosen


Commerce Ventures

Ralph Dangelmaier



Mike Davis

Vice President of IT


Pat Dermody



Roy Erez

CEO and Co-Founder

Loop Commerce

Michael Fancher

Director of IT

David Burke Group

Stephanie Farsht

Senior Group Manager of Innovation & Strategy

Target Corporation

Eido Gal



Chris Gardner


A PayPal Company

Patrick Gauthier

VP External Payments


Bob Gilbreath

Co-Founder and President


Will Graylin

Global Co-GM Samsung Pay, CEO LoopPay

Brian Hamilton

Chief Revenue & Strategy Officer


Phil Heasley


ACI Worldwide

JJ Hirschle

Director of Retail


Mark Hoffman

Director, Rewards Marketing

Discover Financial Services

Phil Kafarakis

Chief Innovation Officer

National Restaurant Association

Mike Kaplan

Senior Vice President


Edwin Lee

Vice President of Global Retail


Marcus Lemonis

Host, CNBC’s “The Profit”

Jason Lobel



Steven Mattics

President, Credit & Payments


Molly McCombe

Managing Director and Chief Marketing Officer

Citi Retail Services

Matt Meeker

CEO and Founder


Jake Nickell

Co-founder & CEO


Jason Peisl

Senior Solutions Architect and Capability Lead

Pick ’n Pay

John Phillips

Head of Marketing, World Payments

Digital River

Neil Platt

Chief Revenue Officer


Seth Priebatsch

Chief Ninja


Michael Reitblat

CEO & Co-Founder


Michael Roche

VP of Consumer Authentication


Eric Rosenzweig

Chief Information Officer

Garden Fresh Restaurants

David Rush

CEO and Founder


Craig Saks


ACI Worldwide

Jared Schrieber

Co-Founder & CEO


Christopher Skinner

Chief Innovation Officer


Lisa Stanton



Revathi Subramanian

SVP of Data Science

CA Technologies

Sherice Torres

Marketing Director

Android Pay

Canh Tran

Co-Founder & CEO


TJ Vytlacil

Managing Partner

Brigade Society POS/Blood & Sand

Karen L. Webster

CEO |℠
CEO | Market Platform Dynamics

Gillian Wee

Fashion & Retail Lead, Enterprise Partnerships


Jim Weeast

Divisional Vice President, Store Delivery Technology

Walgreen Co.

July 16, 2015
Survival Of Retail’s Fittest (And Faster) Payments Network
Phil Heasley, the President and CEO of ACI Worldwide, knows his payments history. If you espouse to him a popular belief that the credit card was created either by the airlines or by Diners Club, he’ll let you know that, as a matter of fact, the first functional credit card system was invented by Sears and Roebuck (and, yeah — don’t forget that the company commonly referred to as “Sears” is still officially named after both of its founders). He’ll discuss the lingering impact to this day of the 1929 stock market crash on the retail industry; he’ll walk you through the evolution of BankAmericard into Visa; and he’ll talk to you about the Durbin Amendment. Heasley will also talk to you about the future of payments. That’s where his mind is at, and that was the focus of his recent discussion with MPD CEO Karen Webster. Phil Heasley, President and CEO of ACI Worldwide, will lead a discussion on ACI’s next wave of payments and commerce disruption taking place at Retail Reinvention in Chicago on Aug. 4-5.
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July 7, 2015
How The NFL Drafted The Twitter Buy Button
Clearly, many users use Twitter as both a news source and as a way to engage with what they see tweeted out by those they follow. But Twitter’s Buy Button takes the interaction one step further by tapping into that passion for a brand and urge to succumb to one of retail’s oldest tricks in the book – impulse buying. In the era of one-click checkouts, the ability to buy anywhere in-store and a world that is heavily dependent on mobile devices for brand and product discovery, it is no surprise that consumers want to purchase in an instant. JJ Hirschle, Director of Retail at Twitter, will lead a discussion of Twitter’s Buy Button strategy and impact during the “Fifty Shades of Engagement” discussion taking place at Retail Reinvention in Chicago on Aug. 4-5.
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July 2, 2015
As an emerging platform in 2010, Pinterest saw early success in driving consumers to make online and offline purchases from its huge database of aspirational images from across the Web. The website attracted female users early on and, as of September 2014, nearly 42 percent of female Internet users were on the platform. If you consider Facebook the past — a documentation of what you have done — and Twitter the present — an instant catalogue of what you are doing right now — Pinterest is decidedly the future: a collection of things you intend to do or own at some point down the line. Gene Alston, Head of Business Development at Pinterest, will lead a discussion of Pinterest’s consumer path to purchase taking place at Retail Reinvention in Chicago on Aug. 4-5.
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